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TRAVEL – a poem

TRAVEL – a poem

| On 15, Mar 2016

I’m not necessarily one for poetry—not that I don’t like it, more so I don’t know my way around it.

But when my friend Mandi and I were brainstorming ideas for our final submission video for Vegan Travel‘s around-the-world contest, it suddenly came to me: “We should share a poem about travel!”

When the thought first landed I was mid-travel myself – on a flight from Albuquerque to NYC. I opened the notepad app on my phone and started writing.

Since I know nothing of the “rules” of any types of poetry (other than the fact that I suppose it should rhyme from time to time) I just kind of went with it. Mandi approved and then she put together the following together.

We hope you like it! :)

This is our final (of 4) passes at attempting to win a 6 month long around the world trip (vegan food focused nonetheless). Please cross your fingers for us! :) xoxo

Be reinvigorated, inspired, and expanded,
Seeds of which may now be planted.

The awe of a sunset from a new plain, aching calves from walking all day; new friends and laughs, connecting with strangers over broken paths.

Meandering slowly to take it all in,
Now setting intentions with an epic grin.

Enlightened and humbled by human interconnection.
The shock of serendipity and all its reflection.

Be here now. Let go of the past. Loving life. Fulfilled at last.

This is a submission video for the vegan around-the-world contest via

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