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NYC Day 5 – Vegan Drag Queen, Honey LaBronx

NYC Day 5 – Vegan Drag Queen, Honey LaBronx

We spent a magical day with a rising star by the name of Honey LaBronx. As a result we met a few other amazingly talented and compassionate individuals as well. It truly was a highlight of our week in NYC (we’re still talking about it!) and we feel incredibly grateful to have met, and spent time with, such wonderful people.

It all started with Facebook. Where else, right?! :) Ethan saw one of Honey’s YouTube cooking shows making its rounds on Facebook, and then a few days later we both saw the VegNews coverage. Since we knew she was in NYC and that we were headed there, we thought it would be awesome to connect with her and her vegan cooking show. Ethan reached out to Honey and before we knew it we had a date set to hang out on the set of Honey’s next cooking show shoot, be featured in one of the upcoming episodes, as well as conduct a formal interview with Ben – the man behind the queen. ;)

vegan drag queen cooking show

We met Honey and her crew (videographer, Cheyenne Picardo and Honey’s right hand man, Richard Guerroué) at Donny Moss’ awesome loft this afternoon and settled in for an amazingly wonderful day. It was a happy coincidence that Donny Moss is the passionate producer behind Blinders, a moving documentary about banning horse drawn carriages in NYC. Thankfully Donny had a quick minute to chat with us about the documentary and recent events regarding NYC carriage horses. Click here to check out our interview with Donny!

Blinders The Movie - Banning Horse Drawn Carriages in NYC

Meeting Donny and getting a chance to interview him was incredibly exciting. And the fact that we were able to do it on the same day and in the same place as filming Honey’s latest cooking show made it even better.

Back to Honey…

The shoot was about eight hours long and one of the best parts for us was being invited to participate in one of episodes. Check out these thrilling stills (and keep an eye on Honey’s YouTube channel to see us in action soon!).

vegan drag queenvegan drag queen

Oh, and we were delighted to enjoy Max’s company throughout the day as well. Puppy love.

vegan puppy dog

Of course we had to stick around to taste test the results. I hope you get a chance to make these cupcakes sometime (Check out Honey’s YouTube channel for the recipe) because they’re friggin’ good. Photo by Richard Guerroué.vegan cupcakes

Also, I just have to throw in this amazing pic by Rick Odell (grabbed it from your Facebook page, Honey. I hope you don’t mind!) of Ben AND Honey in the SAME room! Amazing. :)

vegan drag queen

On to the vidoes!

We ended up with SO much footage from this day that it was one of the most challenging video editing processes we’ve had so far. We also have new audio recording equipment and figuring out how to get everything formatted in its highest quality, using old software, has presented a few challenges. But we pushed through and are super excited to share with you the following videos: a sit-down interview with Honey LaBronx as Ben Strothmann (be sure to check out the extras at the end of the video, they’re my favorite part!), bonus footage of Ben discussing veganism (there’s some moving quotes in this one that you won’t want to miss), and the best of our behind-the-scenes footage of Ben Strothmann as Honey LaBronx – recording two episodes for his vegan drag queen cooking show.






  1. Jan

    Wonderful chat with Ben Ms. Kristin.I enjoyed listening.

  2. MollyG

    Great interviews Kristin! Ben is awesome!

    • Thanks, Molly! And I agree, Ben IS awesome! :)

  3. Now I need to start a vegan drag king show…

    • Ahahahaha… dooo iiiitt!! :)

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