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Vegan In Virginia Pt 3: Path In A Pagoda + Quenna’s Raw & Vegan – Norfolk, Virginia

After returning from the VeganFest in Italy, Chris (the friend who invited me to join him in Europe) and I indulged in some Norfolk vegan eats at the two all-vegan restaurants in the area – Path and Quenna’s Raw & Vegan.

Housed in one of the most interesting buildings – for a restaurant – that I’ve seen, Path is comfortably situated along the waterfront in a pagoda. So. Cool. And what a beautiful location!

Path – 100% vegan

265 West Tazewell Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Path Pagoda - vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VAPath Pagoda - vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VAPath Pagoda - vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VA

Restaurant customers can dine either inside or outside, on either the first or second floor. This is what you see if you sit on the second level, outside. And the next pic is of the inside, second floor.

View from the second floor, outside at Path Pagoda - vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VAInside Path Pagoda - vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VA

Chris had the pancakes, which came with an interesting syrup. I didn’t try it but he said it was pretty tasty. I ordered the filling Breakfast Bowl – this hearty dish comes with homefries, biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble, and mini vegan bacon slabs, with a side of grits. The biscuit and gravy were my favorite thing on the plate. The biscuit was so moist and spongy, it almost had a cake consistency. The gravy had some vegan sausage and pepperoni mixed in…just delicious. Oh and Path’s homemade ketchup is something special, for sure. It’s got a little kick and a whole lot of flavor. Yum!

Vegan pancakes at Path Pagoda - vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VABreakfast bowl at Path Pagoda - vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VA

Next up is the one and only raw restaurant in Norfolk, Quenna’s Raw & Vegan. It was a little strange when we arrived because they weren’t yet open, even though it was after the scheduled open hours (we arrived right just as soon as they were scheduled to open), and then a few minutes later a van pulled up and what seemed like the entire staff got out and opened up shop. I think it’s a family-run affair. Regardless the food is outstanding and the service is fun.

Quenna’s Raw & Vegan – 100% vegan

9619 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23503

Quenna's Raw & Vegan in Norfolk, VAQuenna's Raw & Vegan in Norfolk, VA

Upon walking in we were greeted by an enthusiastic man who also turned out to be our server. He was very knowledgeable about the menu and super duper friendly. Made me smile.

I started with a juice. Yums.

Quenna's Raw & Vegan in Norfolk, VA

We started with the Tofu’d Pepper dish – a giant red bell pepper stuffed with tofu, celery, onions, dried hot peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chopped spinach. Soooo gooooooood!!!! Oh my gosh. This appetizer is surprisingly lite, and super fresh. I’m not sure I’ve tasted something so rich and full. I felt healthier just looking at it! I loved the peppery and garlicy taste, and the tofu was just stunningly prepared. A work of art, no doubt.

The pic just after this one is of Chris’ salad. I don’t remember what he got though — Hey, Chris – do you remember which salad you got on this day? How was it?! :)

Quenna's Raw & Vegan in Norfolk, VAQuenna's Raw & Vegan in Norfolk, VA

A confession about salads: before I started my trip, whenever I’d go out to eat – even if it was at an all-vegan restaurant – I’d hardly EVER get a salad. I figured, if I’m out indulging I might as well get something new or different than just a silly old salad. Okay and even to some extent since starting the trip, I rarely opt for the salad on the menu. But Quenna’s is different. MOST of their menu is made up of salads. So, I decided to give it a go. And my darlings, it was a FANTASTIC idea. I have since learned my lesson. ;)

For my main dish I ordered the Sun Goddess Avocado Salad. This divine dish included lettuce, spinach, avocado, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds, alfalfa sprouts, with a side of OUT OF THIS WORLD tomato dressing. The salad itself was just wonderful without the dressing, but once adding it into the mix, hold onto your hats …it’s as if the dressing brings all of the other elements to life. Right there in front of you. On your plate. This salad is not any ol’ salad. It’ll fill you to the brim both in your tummy and with satisfaction. Absolutely marvelous!

Quenna's Raw & Vegan in Norfolk, VAQuenna's Raw & Vegan in Norfolk, VA

Confession: I missed a restaurant in VA. One that I didn’t know about until I had already left VA. Luckily, Chris agreed to write a guest post about it. Woohoo!! That one is coming up tomorrow. :)

Do you have a favorite raw restaurant? What makes it stand out among the others?


  1. Chris Z

    Hey Kris et al-

    I do not remember the name of the salad, but I do remember it being delicious! :) In fact, everything I’ve had there (I think I’ve been about 20 times so far) has been amazing. If you’ve never been I’d highly recommend the bulgur wheat burger (changes slightly each week; usually known as Kush Lentil/Olamex/Clem burger). I introduced this sandwich to one of my meat-eating friends and he was blown away (He’s now a regular at Quenna’s also).

    On the Path front, I recently found out that they have closed their location at The Pagoda. They are currently looking around for another location. It’s a major bummer because I met a lot of cool people at that place. Fingers crossed that they get a new location up and running soon.

    • Thanks, Chris!! :) Path closed ALREADY?! Oy!! I thought they had JUST opened in that location. Bummer.

  2. Erica Steele

    Quennas will be missed indeed, but it is not the only raw food cafe…..Living Foods Cafe is striving, thriving, and bringing RAWsome dishes to Virginia Beach…. Check us out eat in, carry out, catering, even weekly meals available upon request—— RAWdirect some energy to whole food nutrition !!

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