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Paris, Day 3 – What’s A Little Rain When You’ve Got Paris Sous Vos Pieds

Hooray for day three! My, it was a rainy one! Two soaked shoe changes (for me!—that’s what happens when all of your shoes are worn through. Eek!) some umbrella action, and some of the coolest pics (aka GARGOYLES!) of the trip so far!

But first, breakfast!

Before we left Loving Hut on the close of day one, we picked up a bag of croissants and a tub of “creamy sheese,” which we do have in the States, btw. For being bagged and in the refrigerator for two days, these microwaved-before-we-ate-‘em croissants were actually pretty delicious. Besides, they were the only vegan croissants we found in Paris. Though we didn’t look too hard. But still. Traditional croissants (with a side of cream cheese) serving as breakfast in bed = OM NOM NOM!

vegan croissants paris francevegan croissants paris france
IfWhen you’re in Paris these croissants and cream cheese (and other to-go goodies) can be found at Loving Hut.

Next up—one of the most anticipated stops of the trip, Vegan Folie’s organic sweets! I had heard this place mentioned a few times, and quickly learned that they run out of sweets fast so be sure to get there in the early opening hours so you don’t miss out.

Vegan Folie’s – 100% vegan

53 Rue Mouffetard
Paris, France 75005

They’re also located in one of my favorite parts of Paris. There’s just something really cool about the narrow side streets, vendors, and the crowd that seems to frequent this area. Love, love, love.

We tried nearly one of every cupcake and a slice of cheesecake. Deelish!

vegan cupcakes paris franceVegan Folie'svegan cupcakes paris francevegan cheesecake paris franceVegan Folie'svegan cupcake paris franceParis France veganvegan folie's paris francevegan bakery paris france

As I mentioned in the day two post, we did get to tour the first floor of the Notre Dame Cathedral and got some great pics of the outside of the Cathedral. But the upper, outside level tours had already closed by the time we arrived on that day. We were both overly excited to see some real ‘life’ gargoyles so we went back today. Pics away!

Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel For Vegan FoodPoint Zero Notre Dame Paris France“Zero kilometer” indicates the center of the country in terms of traveling distances. Neat!paris france notre dameNarrow, Spiral Staircase, Notre Dame, Paris FranceNarrow, never ending, spiral stairways leading up to the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral!

Notre Dame Cathedral Bell Paris France

Gargoyle time!!

Gargoyle + Eiffel Tower Paris, FranceNotre Dame Gargoyles Paris FranceNotre Dame Gargoyles Paris FranceNotre Dame Gargoyles Paris FranceNotre Dame Gargoyles Paris FranceNotre Dame Gargoyles Paris FranceNotre Dame Gargoyles Paris France will travel for vegan food bumper sticker

We didn’t really have a plan for lunch so just searched “vegan” on Google Maps and discovered a vegetarian falafel stand nearby Notre Dame. It turns out that the only non-vegan things here were one (out of dozens) of the help-yourself toppings and some mayo spread. Other than that, it’s a vegan field day!

Maoz Vegetarian – 99% vegan

8 Rue Xavier Privas
Paris, France 75005

It also turned out to be one of our favorite foodie stops. I think it had more to do with the location, the rain, and our hunger level. But it’s one of those kind of made-for-movie moments when everything just sort of works out, hits the spot, and leaves a lasting impression.

vegan falafels paris franceMaoz VegetarianMaoz vegan vegetarian food in Paris FranceVegan Falafel & Fries in Paris, France

After lunch we headed back to the hotel so I could work on day two’s blog post for you. And to save/upload pics from day three. It ended up taking a bit more time to do so and when we finally emerged for dinner our selected restaurant was closed, despite listed ‘hours of operation.’ Ah well. We improvised and found a little baguette vendor who made us fresh vegan sandwiches with veggies (baguettes stuffed with veggies and tomato sauce). It was actually pretty good! We then had a late night bottle of wine at one of the many open-late, outdoor restaurants/bars before heading back for sleeps. What a glorious day!

I have one more day in Paris(dise) to report and then it’s on to…ITALY!

I’ll leave you with just a few more touristy pics. Yay! :)

Green alien crosswalk signs in Paris, FranceGreen alien crosswalk signs! :)

Paris, France Fountain - Angel vs DevilAngel vs. Devil Fountain!

Paris France side streets vegan heavenLove Paris side streets, especially on rainy days!

Mini stoplights for bicyclists in Paris, FranceAdorable, mini stoplights for bicyclists! Teehee!!


  1. How beautiful! I loved the mini bicyclist traffic lights and the mouth-watering buffet at Maoz; those olives are huge!! It looks like you’re having a fantastic time so far. I can’t wait to hear about Italy and Vegan Fest!

    • Thanks, Andrew! Yes, I’m having a blast. Thanks for reading along!! :)

  2. Jan

    Ah….haha…is this really you over there. Wait, you will wake up and find yourself in Hooville. It was all a dream…..eeek :-) Hhhah
    Love it – have a great time!

  3. Awww, what a superb blog! Just discovered it via a link from Vegan Folie’s.
    Kristin I think you’re brilliant, you’ll sure have a new follower from now on (not to mention massive posting/sharing of this website on facebook, will do!).

    Too bad you stayed in Paris for so short, I wish we could catch up!


    • Aww, thanks for your support Adrian! :) I do plan to be in Paris again within the next year so we should stay in touch and get together on my next visit. Thanks so much for reading along! :)

  4. I HAVE heard of MAOZ and I was so bummed I did not get to try it. Looks super delish! Great photos!

  5. ariela

    damn i didn’t hear about vegan folie when i was in paris! looks yuum!!

  6. Oh man, I wish I saw those croissants when I was at the Loving Hut. I can’t get vegan croissants where I live anymore… Viva Vegan used to sell those in Montreal, but not anymore. And croissants are so good. I can just imagine how fun it must have been to eat those in a hotel room, with creamsheese.

    I love the pictures with the gargoyles. They are so fascinating!

    That Maoz food stop was right next to the studio we rented when we spent a week in Paris… oddly enough, I never went there. We have plently of falafel shops where I live, and I ate there so often for a couple of years that now, my body rarely want to eat that. It’s amazing though that there is not meat there… sometimes those places can be quite smelly with the big chunks of meat they use for shish taouk and other meat dishes.

    • Awww. I remember when Viva Vegan sold them. I had one filled with chocolate! I wonder why they are no more. That’s sad. Awww, falafel overload. Been there!! ;)

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