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Caffeine Dreams, Amsterdam Falafel, & McFoster’s in Omaha, Nebraska

Caffeine Dreams, Amsterdam Falafel, & McFoster’s in Omaha, Nebraska

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Written September 24, 2012

Oh my gosh you guys, I just stumbled upon a really cool coffee shop in Omaha. Caffeine Dreams is, I’m sure, a coffee lover’s dream, but for someone who gets giddy over food more so than coffee, this place is just as rad. They’ve got these round doughy pastry puffs that are filled with different things like tofu and pesto, or tempeh and pizza sauce, or seitan and veggies. They’ve also got vegan cinnamon buns, muffins, and ICE CREAM!! Along with a variety of non-dairy milks for coffee and such. What’s more, it’s super chill (it’s also 10AM right now), the music is decent, and I  can focus!! Woohooo!! I love the exposed brick walls, colorful accents throughout, and the neat local artwork. Great way to start a Monday morning. :)

Vegan Kolaches at Caffeine Dreams in Omaha, NEVegan Kolaches at Caffeine Dreams in Omaha, NE

This breakfast kolache was filled with tofu scramble and pesto. It was pretty darn good.

I sat at Caffeine Dreams and started working on a few blog posts, answering emails, and planning the next phase of the trip. I had also posted a pic of the above kolache to my Instagram account. To my surprise I received a comment from the one and only Tanner O’Dell (who interviewed me back in Austin) saying that he just so happened to be home in Lincoln, NE visiting his family. Sweet! We started emailing back and forth and Tanner had no sooner set up a live radio show guest spot for me at a local Lincoln station. Amazing! So, I decided to stick around Nebraska one more day so that I could hang with Tanner and partake in my very first LIVE interview.

In the meantime, I got a bit of work done and then headed to Amsterdam Falafel to have one of their vegan options. They do serve meat here but appear to do a good job of keeping the veggies and falafel away from the dead stuff. It also came highly recommended on the Vegan Omaha Facebook page, and by my friend Paul of Eat Awesome.

Curry fries from Amsterdam Falafel in Omaha, NEVegan falafel from Amsterdam Falafel in Omaha, NE

After falafel time I went back to Caffeine Dreams to do work and make plans to have dinner in town with Tanner and his gal, Mara. I was craving some ice cream and was delighted to learn that Caffeine Dreams will give you a scoop of ice cream smothered in a hot shot of espresso. Oh, heck yeah!

Espresso ice cream shot from Caffeine Dreams in Omaha, NEEspresso ice cream shot from Caffeine Dreams in Omaha, NE

Though Tanner was with his family in Lincoln, he and his lady drove to Omaha to have dinner with me tonight. So sweet! We went to another highly recommended vegetarian restaurant called McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe. I had a glass of fresh juice along with the night’s special dinner – a lentil loaf with taters and gravy, and side of beets and biscuits.

The biscuits (not pictured) were a bit dry but I be if they were smothered in McFoster’s awesome gravy, they’d be wonderful. The lentil loaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy were excellent! The whole dish had lots of flavor. Oh, and everything was also gluten-free!

Fresh juice from McFoster's in Omaha, NELentil Loaf from McFoster's in Omaha, NELentil Loaf from McFoster's in Omaha, NETanner & Mara at McFoster's in Omaha, NETanner and Mara!

That’ll do it for today. I’m getting up early to drive to Lincoln for my first live radio interview. More details tomorrow! Goodnight y’all and thank you SO much for following along. Don’t forget to eat well and travel often. <3


  1. Eat well and travel often – oh yea!!

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