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Vegan-Friendly RV’ing: The Quintessential Basics

Vegan-Friendly RV’ing: The Quintessential Basics

| On 24, Nov 2014

As far as travel goes, RVing is just about as good as it gets. RV travel can be relatively inexpensive compared to flying and staying in hotels, and it provides unique opportunities for the vegan adventurer.

Here are some things to consider as you prepare for your RV-based excursion:

Take Advantage of Your Kitchen

The type of vehicle you travel in will largely determine what kind of equipment you will be able to use. If you own or are looking to rent a Class A motorhome, you should be fully equipped with a fridge, microwave, pantry, and counter space for cooking. Even if you have a small, lightweight trailer you should have a small fridge, sink, and dining area.

Taking your kitchen with you is one of the biggest benefits of RV travel. As you travel through different cities you can find local produce stands and Farmers’ Markets for optimally fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies, and you can store pre-made meals in tupperware without worrying about it spoiling.

You can also store dry foods like nuts, seeds, beans and legumes in a pantry without having to worry about finding them in a mess of luggage.

Cook Outdoors

A microwave isn’t much of a kitchen for anyone, but if you are camping or settling into one spot for a bit, you can always cook outdoors.

Bring a small grill with you or make sure that your campsite destination has a fire-pit available. As you well know, pretty much every meal is vegan-ize-able these days. Hit up your favorite market on your way out of town to grab your favorite, campsite-ready goodies!

S’mores anyone?! Check out this list of resources to find THE best vegan s’mores ingredients to snatch up and have at the ready: VEGAN CAMPFIRE S’MORES.

Dine out

If you are taking your RV for an urban adventure or if you are passing by a big city, you can always explore local vegan restaurants (Isn’t that right, Kristin? *wink*wink*). In some cases this could be a more costly option, but will give you a chance to relax and enjoy. Since RV travels are usually friendlier on the budget than other types of vacationing, you may want to splurge on good eats.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, you may want to seek out vegan restaurants ahead of time. Many urban RV campgrounds have wifi available, or you can use your cell connection.,, and (of course) are all great resources for finding veg-frienly restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores, cafes, and more.

When it comes to RV travel, there are endless vegan options. Since you will be equipped with some form of kitchen and food storage you can choose between cooking your own meals, or exploring local cuisines.

Have so much fun with it, and leave a comment below to let us know how it goes. :)

andrea singer

Andi Singer is a travel and health writer who specializes in RV travel. When she’s not writing for, you’ll find her roaming the Boise greenbelt or playing with her pup at the park.

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