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WHAT I ATE IN A DAY – Vegan in Malaysia (Ep. 1)

WHAT I ATE IN A DAY – Vegan in Malaysia (Ep. 1)

| On 26, Nov 2016

I realize that I’m super late to the game when it comes to the whole “what I ate in a day” YouTube deal, thingies. But here we are. :)

I also recognize that this blog post, along with countless other future posts to come, will be totally out of order from when I was/am there. For example, I’ve still got some vlogs from Istanbul and all of my time in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia that I want to post but here I am posting a video from Malaysia. Eh, we gotta start somewhere and if I want to do these videos once a week then I’ve just got to get going already! Meep!

Okay so, for my first ‘what I ate in a day’ I bring you some fun stuff from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It turns out this city is super vegan-friendly. There are a couple of fully vegan restaurants and then a few dozen or so vegan-friendly ones. I’ve got a longer blog post in the works for KL, but until then, please enjoy this rather long ‘what I ate in a day.’

Breakfast fruits:
Chokonan mango

Restaurants featured:
LN Fortunate Coffee
RGB Coffee & Bean Hive
Simple Life Vegetarian (inside the KLCC mall, 2nd level)



  1. This is a sick post. Food in Malaysia looks…interesting! Your blog is excellent Kristin! If you’re interested in collaborating, please let me know. Here is a link to our blog:

  2. Amazing how you can find vegan food pretty much anywhere nowadays :) Just discovered this blog and looking forward to future stuff!

    Siavash from

  3. I loved the perfect blog..

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