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Essential Tips for Traveling & Camping With Your Dog

Essential Tips for Traveling & Camping With Your Dog

Planning a trip with your furry friend(s) makes the adventure all the more exciting. Traveling through the wilderness with just you and your best friend for company could be the best way to ease some of the lockdown and social distancing stress. When you’re packing the necessary gear, remember to bring these essentials, so you keep the little buddy safe and happy. Here are a few items that should absolutely make your checklist:

Protein-Rich Food to Keep Up Energy Levels

Being in the outdoors is an exciting time for your little friend, who will be thrilled at having a whole new world to explore. Just as you’re packing yourself some trail mix, make sure you keep up your companion’s energy levels by bringing a protein-rich vegan dog food. You’ll enjoy watching them bound along happily when you walk along forest trails. 

If you’ve always thought that meat is necessary to keep your doggo healthy, that isn’t really true. It’s the protein that’s mandatory, even if this crucial macronutrient is sourced from plants. As long as canines get all of the essential amino acids for tissue-building, they’ll thrive and stay healthy.

Hiking Dog Harness

Keeping your furry friend secure during your traveling/camping trip is important. You’ll want to make sure they don’t take off after a butterfly or squirrel and get lost. Plus, camping areas and hiking trails have other people. Be considerate and keep your puppy on a leash to avoid disturbing other hikers. You’ll need a sturdier harness that works more efficiently than a leash or collar. 

Something with double leash points gives you a stronger grip in case your buddy tugs and tries to get away. Controlling excitement and being well-behaved can be hard in a new place with exciting new scents and sights.

Portable Bowls for Food and Water

Investing in a set of collapsible bowls for food and water is a great idea. Sets designed for outdoor ventures come with a fastener that can be cinched and sealed to prevent spilling. Fill a matching water bowl with fresh, clean water, and you’re sorted. Do remember to have some extra food for the traveling/camping trip. All that excitement and activity is going to make your little one hungry.

Bonus: Grooming and Bathing Afterward

The ASPCA recommends that you bathe your dog at least once every three months. Of course, it is advisable to check with the vet for advice on keeping your buddy’s fur clean, tangle-free, and free of allergens and fleas. Time a grooming session right after the camping trip so you get rid of all the dirt and mud they might have picked up on the trail. Check out pet services prices close to where you live and do let them know about your floofy friend’s adventure in the wilderness. 

A camping trip in the woods is a great way to spend some wonderful time with the family—including your dog(s). Make sure you have the necessary supplies to keep everyone comfortable and have a memorable trip!

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