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21 ways to make money doing what you love (video tutorial)

21 ways to make money doing what you love (video tutorial)

| On 24, Mar 2014

In the early stages of planning a business or creating services, or starting a blog, we can get hung up on how we’ll make money doing this stuff.

Personally, I suggest honing your skills and focusing on a very specific type of product or service and becoming known as an expert on that topic, and creating products and services that are extensions from that. However, if you’re seeking multiple streams of income, like to dabble in the creative side of blog management, or are interested in other ways to make money in addition to what you do on the daily, I’ve compiled 21 ideas to get you started.

Check it out:

After watching the above video some obvious questions might surface, like: well, I’m not an “expert,” I don’t have a certificate or a degree, I’m not tech savvy enough, other people are already doing it and better at it than I am, my business model doesn’t work for those types of income streams, how do I get people to buy, where do I find people who will want to buy? etc.

That’s what the Creating FREEDOM + MASTERY online video training series is about! Not only do we touch on a few of these items in more detail but we start by gaining clarity on what’s best to focus on, that internal dialogue that likes to lead the way, as well as how to get known so people actually know what we’re selling, and then of course what to make and how to sell it. All the details are right here:

Please note that registration closes on March 31st so if you’re interested in signing up, now’s the time.

See you there!


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