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31 Marketing Videos … and some dancing too

31 Marketing Videos … and some dancing too

| On 11, Feb 2014

It might seem like a stretch for those just tuning in. “Wait, I thought I was on a vegan food blog and now I’m reading about marketing. What gives?”

I can explain! First up, a little history (the short version):

I love to teach! And have been teaching a form of something since I was about sixteen years old. Not always intentionally, it’s just kind of how things worked out with whatever I was really passionate about at the time. My MA is in Integrated Marketing communication. I worked in the communications department for both NEAVS and WSPA, and then worked as a social media consultant for Vegan Mainstream before heading out on the road trip, honing my marketing and social media skills even more, obsessively reading and/or listening to audio books from other marketers, signing up for online courses, learning, learning, learning, implementing, learning and doing so because I loved it, not because I had to. As a result more and more people were asking how to do things, how it was working, what to do, and the like. I’d find myself sitting for hours over a shared vegan meal talking business. And I loved it!!!

Fast forward to 2014. The annual Fun-a-Day project was upon us. Participating meant doing one creative thing every day for the month of January. Two years ago I danced-a-day. This year I decided to share information about topics I’ve been getting more and more question on lately, related to marketing, business, and lifestyle.

I didn’t just want to write about it. I didn’t just want to video blog about it either. I wanted to do something a bit more spicy. SO, I incorporated comfort challenges, shared other’s success stories, and even managed to slip in a bit of dancing (again) as well.

For those who missed it, you can find the entire series by clicking HERE. I’ve also highlighted some of my favorites below. And for you go-getter, ambitious types… if you want to get this content in a custom, one-on-one format, click HERE to learn more. :)


6 Unshakable Time Management Tips


Making 50k+ per month


Start Proposing – Comfort Challenge


How to stay focused when you report to yourself


Build a brand and network around what you love (tutorial)


Is it really necessary to build email lists?


Is it ethically and morally acceptable to get paid for cause-related work?


How to stay positive when things get sucky


Relax in public – Comfort Challenge


How to get established and known


Doing everything right but still struggling to get paying clients?


FINALE! “Can You Do This” dance performance – Arthur Murray Chicago


Now I want to hear from you! What’s your biggest marketing, business, or lifestyle hurdle at the moment? What strategies have worked/didn’t work to help get you out of the rut?


  1. Kristin, I am finally getting to view some of these videos, while on a “weather” break from my thru-hike, and I am loving the advice. Specifically, I took your advice of composing an email to an established blogger and proposing a way share audiences. I will let you know how this turns out. Thanks again! -Russ

    • Kristin

      Awesome! So glad you’re enjoying the content, Russ – and looking forward to hearing how your outreach goes. Have a safe hike! xo

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