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Creating FREEDOM + MASTERY, turn your passions into a profitable career

Creating FREEDOM + MASTERY, turn your passions into a profitable career

| On 20, Mar 2014

You know that point of convergence where the thing that you really love and are passionate about meets the thing that other people really need and want?

For example: “Jane” is really fond of food. She loves food so much that all she wants to do is talk about it, take pictures of it, share recipes, and write about aaaaallll day long. In fact, she wishes deep down that she could just do foodie stuff all day whenever she wanted without having to worry about “real work,” where the money is going to come from, and IF she could ACTUALLY earn a living doing what she loves.

Then there’s, “John.” He’s new to the foodie scene and has recently found his way to veganism. Upon a routine Google search John becomes overwhelmed by the different blogs and resources available. Frustrated and not knowing where to start he closes all the windows and logs into Facebook to distract himself for a moment and then he sees that someone named “My Vegan Jane” left a comment on a post by his favorite travel companies page.  He clicks on her page to learn that Jane loves food and has been writing and talking about it for some time. He immediately clicks through to her website and spends ten minutes perusing her recipes. Enthralled, John noticed a sidebar image about an eBook that Jane created which showcases her best-of recipes. He clicks and starts reading about Jane’s book.

Now, because Jane knows her audience inside and out, she knew exactly how to speak directly to John about how and why this eBook is perfect for him. Without hesitation John clicks on the PayPal button and at the same time Jane gets a notification on her phone that another order for her book has just arrived.

Since Jane planned ahead, and set up her eBook to auto-deliver to John’s email inbox immediately after he pays, all she has to do is let her heart fill with joy knowing she’s helped yet another person along on their journey through vegan foodie heaven.


So, here’s the thing, Jane CAN talk about food all day AND make money doing it.  The above example is—of course—an over simplification of the process that one might go through to find you and your products and services. And not all buyers are going to willingly purchase the first time. In fact, it usually takes someone approximately ten encounters, with the same info, before they make a move.

My point here is that it IS possible to take what you love and turn it into a real source of REAL financial freedom.

No, it’s not always easy. Yes, lots of people are doing it. But guess what? There are very specific actionable steps that you can take starting right NOW, to gain clarity on your big ideas, get known within and outside of your targeted community, AND make money doing it.

And I want to help you get there.

With a background in marketing communication, and years working with both for- and non-profit organizations, business, owners, entrepreneurs, musicians, bakers, bloggers, and others—I not only have the chops to help out but the LOVE of wanting to do so as well.

If there’s one thing I learned over the years of traveling, meeting hundreds of people, and getting paid to coach folks through their business and lifestyle whoas, it’s that I friggin’ LOVE this stuff. I love talking about marketing, social media, and business strategies. Most of all I really enjoy coming up with creative ways to promote and share your work. It’s so super exciting that I can hardly contain myself just writing this right now. Haha.. I’m serious. You should see the way the folks in this coffee shop are looking at me right now. ;)

Anyhow.. all this is to say, I’ve made something for you.

For you creative types. For you with a big business idea. For you with a blog, a need to leave the 9-5 world, a desire to create big shifts in your life and/or your existing business. This is for you:

Creating FREEDOM + MASTERY online video training series.

This course is really cool because you can select among three different topics (gain clarity, get known, make money) or purchase all three (at a discounted “bundle” rate).

freedom mastery 2014

All the details are listed here:

You guys, I’m seriously SO super pumped about this course. I have no doubt that it’s going to completely change the lives and businesses of those who sign up.

Registration closes on March 31st.



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