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Let me guess, you’ve fallen for at least 1 of these…

Let me guess, you’ve fallen for at least 1 of these…

| On 14, Nov 2014

Many entrepreneurs are excited at the possibility of making money doing something they actually enjoy.

We’ve already seen it’s a definite possibility.

I’ve shared my own journey from complete overwhelm—that resulted in paralyzing procrastination—and questioning if I should even keep going; to having complete control over my time, my income, and the direction of my business.

It’s possible!

But I won’t lie, it’s not easy.

In fact, when I started out I was downright overrun by resources.

I’d spend so much time downloading free eBooks and subscribing to every “business gurus” newsletter I could find, that at the end of the day my inbox would be flooded with emails from all kinds of “experts” touting a different how-to strategy.

Not to mention the dozens of open browser tabs I now had to work my way through, one by one.

I had no idea what to read or do first.

It was frustrating and the simple act of opening my computer the next morning would make me feel anxious and defeated before I’d even begun.

My enthusiasm wavered. I knew I had to take action, but would I ever really be able to figure this out?

I want to tell you more about the mistakes I made when I started out…

…because there are SO many ways to go wrong when you start to figure out to take control of your business planning, finances, and time management.

Here are 3 pernicious myths that I see so many entrepreneurs fall victim to – and I want to help you avoid them.

  1. The “I can figure this out on my own” myth

This one is a doozy because we all want to believe it’s true: that we don’t need help! That we’ll figure it out on our own. Eventually.

Remember when I said that my inbox was flooded, and I had every free eBook I could get my hands on, AND an absurd number of browser tabs open—overrunning my computer?

Well, that’s because I was trying to learn everything at once, with absolutely no guidance, structure, or order to the chaos. It was not only outwardly chaotic but was making me feel a bit crazy in the brain, too.

No matter how many times I’d promise myself that I’d unsubscribe from “so and so’s” list, or close all the tabs and do it better next time; after a while I’d inevitably fall back into inbox overwhelm and browser tab take-over.

It was unbelievably frustrating and I’d end up feeling pretty bad about myself.

Sometimes I’d even feel angry with myself for not being more organized.  “It shouldn’t be this difficult,” I thought.

But ya know what? Instead of thinking about how to come up with a better solution, I’d always blame external factors. Like, “If I only had more time in the day,” as if more hours would somehow make me more organized and efficient.

Once I realized that “figuring this out by myself” wasn’t’ working (and would never work!) I broke through and found a sustainable and scalable solution to the disorganization and overwhelm. More on that soon…

  1. The “I’ll just ask a friend, who already knows this stuff” myth

For some reason when we envision starting a business, or are trying to up our game by learning something new to implement, we assume our friends (you know, the ones who always appear to “have it all together”) will be ready and waiting to help us out—and for free, no less.

And then the realization hits that most are too busy to help, or refer us to yet another “guru,” another eBook, or an other article to add to our growing open browser tabs.

Sometimes we do get lucky with a generous friend who has a few minutes to grab a coffee so we can pick their brain. But then that results in 20 more questions cropping up, and they are out of time.

It didn’t take me long to discover that seeking help from friends wasn’t actually moving me forward.

Sure, I’d get some great tips here and there, but I never truly felt like a big problem was solved or that I’d made any real progress at all.

Not to mention I started feeling bad every time I’d shoot out another email: “Hey, ‘so and so’ – do you have a minute? Just got a quick question for ya…” Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me feel bad.

If anything it simply added more questions and then more overwhelm to my already overflowing plate of resources.

Thankfully the exact set of ideas that DID help move me forward, and feel like I was actually getting stuff done, came into view.

No longer do I feel the need to rely on (or bother – though they’d never say I was bothering them) busy or well-intentioned friends.

In fact, I’VE now become the person that those same friends come to, when they’re seeking advice. How cool is that?!

  1. The “If I only had more money to invest in my business” myth

I hear this one ALL the time!

It’s possibly THE most common myth because most of us operate from a place of fear when we’re starting something new, or aiming to take bigger risks in order to make real changes for our lives and our businesses.

To be totally honest with you, this has been MY biggest mistake in starting and growing my business, to-date. Here’s why:

For as long as I can remember I have felt restricted by money.

When I was growing up, money was always a topic of conflict within my family. I think it seeped into my own way of viewing finances because for most of my independent, adult years, I’d hear myself say, “I’m just really bad at managing my money,” when trying to explain away why I was struggling to pay bills and student loans.

Ya know what’s funny about the whole thing though?

I realized that when I really wanted something.. like, really badly, somehow I’d find the money for it. OR, if there was an emergency situation of some kind, I’d miraculously find a way to address the financial side of it. No matter what it took.

That’s when it occurred to me that I didn’t need MORE money, I just needed to learn how to better manage what I already had.

THAT’S when I figured out how to flip the script, and take control over my financial situation (instead of letting my money control ME).

In fact, things have changed SO drastically for me in this area that it’s enabled me NOT ONLY to invest in my business (like I’d always wanted to), but to also be rapidly paying down more than $60k in student loans, be a full-time nomad, AND be saving up for future endeavors, all at the same time.

This all came from learning that there was a BETTER way of finding clarity around my financial struggles than simply saying, “If I only had more…”

Now, I’ve never felt more in control of my money, and the financial growth of my business.

Here’s the bottom line:

Most people believe you need a bit of luck, a lot of money, and some help from any friend who is willing, in order to start and grow a successful business.

Instead, I’ve discovered that creating absolute clarity on your business model and modes of income…

…knowing where and when to find outside resources and guidance…

…WHILE positioning yourself as an expert in your field, is the ultimate combination to turn that passion project into a profitable career.

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs find clarity and confidence around the types of businesses they WANT to run.

I demonstrate exactly how to network and grow their community with structure and ease, and identify the right kinds of offerings (products and services) they need to create (and how to price and promote them), in order to successfully make money doing what they love; while having the freedom to do it on their own time.

But more on all that jazz that next time. :)

Yours in business clarity,


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