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An Afternoon With Jonathan Mann & Ivory King + Our Singing Debut

An Afternoon With Jonathan Mann & Ivory King + Our Singing Debut

As many of you know a big part of this project is meeting and interviewing vegan business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who are doing fun and interesting things within the vegan community. So, one way we’re reaching out is through YouTube. We’re slowly learning about all the cool vegans making unique YouTube videos. It started with Honey LaBronx (we’re planning to meet up with The Vegan Zombie folks at some point too, yay!), and most recently we met up with Jonathan Mann and Ivory King of Song A Day Mann.

Jonathan has been writing one song a day since January 1, 2009. Whaat?! Nice! Some of them have been about veganism, which is how I heard about him in the first place. But I’ll let him tell you all about it (see the video interview below).

Connecting with Jonathan and Ivory was shockingly easy. It’s interesting because I feel like we grow up learning that talking to strangers is bad news and that you can’t trust anyone. But honestly, everyone we’ve met so far has been extremely kind and open. I prefer to believe that most people are actually good people. But I digress. So… I basically saw one of Jonathan’s awesome YouTube videos on December 6th. Sent him a message that night telling him about the trip and that we’d love to be a part of Song A Day with him. Within a few hours he responded with enthusiasm and we had a planned worked out within a few days to meet up and record a song. As it turned out he was only about two hours from where we’re staying. Sweet.

Jonathan put this jingle together and we spent maaaaybe twenty-five minutes recording the vocals and then the video. It was a cinch. And it was sooo coooool! :) I don’t know if you know this but Jonathan is kind of a big deal and the fact that this all came together so smoothly, quickly, and that he and his girlfriend Ivory turned out to be super cool vegans just made the entire experience pretty friggin’ awesome.

Here’s what resulted from our little diddy.


Fun, right?!

After we recorded the video the four of us hopped over to a neat little cafe called Passiflora, for lunch. They had a very nice live band playing and we enjoyed tea, smoothies, sammies, and sweets.

After lunch we interviewed Jonathan and Ivory to get the lowdown on their vegan-ness, Song A Day Mann, Fun A Day, and more. Check it out!


Connect with Jonathan
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  1. What a treat and a joy to listen to both of you talk about becoming vegan through my podcast. I’m so touched and moved and grateful. You’re both beautiful and incredible! :)

  2. So great to meet you folks. I had such a great time meeting, singing and chowing down with you two, and look forward to the rest of your adventures.

    Yay, CPG!

    • Yay, thanks Ivory. We had an awesome time!!

      CPG!! I know, right!??!?! :D

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